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Tshwane Municipality Vacancies

Tshwane Municipality Vacancies > Tshwane Municipality houses vital administrative towns that run the country’s national operations. Located in Gauteng Province, it ranks as the second largest city within this province. Additionally, it is one of the largest cities in South Africa.

Within this municipality is a number of famous towns such as Pretoria, Winterveld, Hammanskraal Temba, Pienaarsrivier, Akasia, Mamelodi, Centurion, Ga-Rankuwa, Crocodile River, Soshanguve, Mabopane and Atteridgeville.

Pretoria is the most popular of these towns, more so because it is one of the three administrative capitals of South Africa. It hosts the executive offices of the country, while the legislative faction is in Cape Town and the judicial arm of the government is in Bloemfontein.

Tshwane Municipality has seen a remarkable growth especially with the presence of the administrative offices of the government. All the presidents of this country took their oaths of office from this city. It is the region that defines South Africa for the whole world. Anyone who wants to know about this country must encounter information relating to Tshwane.

Furthermore, it is a city within a rich province, known all over the world. This region is also the diplomatic residence of 134 embassies from all parts of the globe. This ranks Tshwane close to Washington DC, which is the most famous diplomatic city. It has an unrivalled education system that also makes it a research centre.

This city became a municipality in December 2000. It merged over ten councils to form a grand administrative body run by a mayor. Other municipalities such as Metsweding also joined this grand city from 2008. The present large city sprouted after the local government elections in 2011. This led to an economic power house that is recognised in the country and all over the globe.

Operations and functions of this municipality are grouped in various departments based on the work they do. They include agriculture and environmental management, city planning and development, emergency services, housing and human settlement, financial services, economic development, health and social development, sport, recreation, arts and culture, and metro police among others.

With the city’s prosperity comes the need for professionals in different industries to steer the municipality’s goals forward. Tshwane Municipality Vacancies are in a number of industries and professions such as administration, information technology, management, secretarial, technical and semi skilled among others.

Tshwane Municipality is the fastest growing region of the country as shown by facts presented by the Finance Member of Executive Council in 2012. It beats other popular cities of the country because of the combination of industries that have pushed its economy forward.

Research and knowledge are key employment industries for the region’s population. It is the destination for researchers who need excellent facilities and workforce to undertake various projects. Almost all of South Africa’s research projects take place in this city.

The main industries that drive this region’s economy are finance, transport, trade, manufacturing and construction. The service based industries yield substantially more than other industries. Most of the countries automobile manufacturers have set camp here such as Ford, Nissan, Tata and BNW. Thousands of the city’s residents work in the manufacturing industry. The components manufacture field has over 35,000 employees.

This city also benefits from tourism. It is home to the oldest game sanctuary in Africa, and it has numerous buildings and places of interests that attract tourists from Africa and the rest of the world. It has the big five animals that always attract millions of visitors to Africa.

Employment opportunities in this city are available in all major industries as well as in the slowly rising fields of agriculture and mining.

Tshwane Municipality Vacancies