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Stellenbosch Municipality Vacancies

Stellenbosch Municipality Vacancies > Stellenbosch Local Municipality is in Cape Wine lands District of Western Cape Province, South Africa. It has a number of towns under it such as Stellenbosch, Pniel and Franschhoek, Klapmuts, Johannesdal among others.

The population is interracial with African blacks, whites and Asians. This council is under a mayor and it has 22 wards. Stellenbosch is one of the oldest towns in the country. It is second only to Cape Town. It was famous as the city of Oaks because of the large oaks on the streets, planted as a way to beautify the city.

The name Stellenbosch came from the town’s first governor, Simon Van der Stel. He decided to give this town his name when he lived and governed this region. It simply means Stel’s bush.

This municipality has many places of interest and historical buildings such as Schreuderhuis, No. 116 Voorgelgen and the Lutheran Church in Dorp Street. Most tourists come to see its historic monuments that tell a lot about the last centuries and the road to self rule of the present South African cities.

The municipality’s present wealth is as a result of the agricultural activities that thrived as early as the 1700s. Now, this town is famous for its wine, restaurants and hotels, and educational institutions. It is seen as a modern hub that attracts investors from all over the continent.

It is one of the largest wine growing regions in South Africa. It even has a science centre known as Technopark. Stellenbosch is also a sports hub with rugby being the main sport, though residents also love water polo, athletics and tennis.

To oversee the growth and prosperity of this municipality, the local council is charged with the responsibilities of passing by-laws, approving budges and development activities, charge residents for services offered by the municipality as well as imposing fines on residents who fail to abide by the by laws.

Services rendered by this municipality include providing electricity, sewerage services, refuse disposal, firefighting, abattoirs, roads and transport among others.

Stellenbosch Municipality Vacancies

There are a number of municipality vacancies targeting junior, semi-skilled as well as senior professionals. For instance, the municipality may be searching for a clerk for word processing work. The clerk should possess a diploma in public management or office management and technology.

With fast typing skills and experience as a clerk. The job involves compilation of data, taking minutes and filing work.

It can also be in need a chief financial officer, control room operator, senior local development officer and a senior technician. Other job offers maybe for traffic officers, accountants and creditors.

Traffic officers work under the community and protection services to assists in road safety education in schools, enhance adherence to public transport laws as well as regulate traffic.

For a job as a clerk working as a creditor, the candidate must know and speak at least two languages whether it is English, Afrikaans or Xhosa. The candidate must have an accountancy qualification and be computer literate. This job involves processing invoices, checking documentation and receiving orders and invoices as well as handling payments.

The employment opportunities in this council have various contract terms such as fixed term to casual work. Some vacancies call for as many as seven years’ experience for candidates and the highest educational level such as a post graduate qualification. For example, directors of various departments or management tasks such as human settlements and property management must have experience in a local government position.

It is important to go through the job offer with a keen eye because the application creates an opportunity for an interview or disqualification. A mistake such as failing to use the application form provided can ruin a candidate’s chance.

I trust the information presented in this blog post has helped you in your search for Stellenbosch municipality vacancies.