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Polokwane Municipality Vacancies

Polokwane Municipality vacancies > Polokwane municipality is located in Capricorn District of Limpopo Province, South Africa. This municipality has a significant impact on the economy of Limpopo. It is the most populated region of the district, though the largest group lives in the rural areas.

African blacks make up the largest racial group in this region. Strangely, the municipality has a queer city model that segregates resources and facilities to the affluent neighbourhoods while the rural folks live away from the urban centres in places with little to no social services and infrastructure. Most of the affluent neighbourhoods are around the city business district.

Polokwane Municipality Vacancies

Polokwane Municipality is a good place to search for jobs. It has a steady flow of vacancies listed on the council’s website. One thing every applicant should remember is that each post requires a host of qualifications. The council lists what it needs from applicants as well as the application process.

The council also indicates the salary scale for each post on per annum basis. Some of the vacancies offered by Polokwane Municipality are director of engineering services for a five year performance-based contract. Vacancies are also available for horticulturists, waste education officers, sports and recreation managers.

Some positions are highly technical and they require years of experience prior to making the application. For instance, the role of a housing and building inspector requires an applicant with at least five years working experience, with at least three years in a managerial position.

The applicant should have experience working in the local government and personal skills in communication, analysis and management.

Other positions in Polokwane municipality do not call for technical skills. For instance, the job of a personal assistant to the executive mayor calls for experience in office management or secretarial work.

This is because the position requires a candidate who can respond to clients ethically and on the directives given, offer administrative and secretarial support as well as managing the diary and schedule of the executive mayor. This vacancy basically calls for a person who can double up as the head of the administrative tasks, on behalf of the executive mayor, as well as the personal help to ensure the mayor undertakes all roles and responsibilities.

The council often times has a number of vacancies in the information technology field. For instance, an MIS officer needs to have a degree or diploma in information technology in order to maintain the database of the council, liaise with the information technology team all over the region to enhance the council’s projects and control communications from the council.

Other information technology related jobs are data storage specialists, support officers and network specialists.

The traffic and transport sector may require a chief traffic officer, whose mandate is to manage and control traffic within the municipality. Such a candidate is also expected to supervise and enhance the work of other traffic offices.

This department also hires, chief traffic officers to handle operations, examiners of driving licenses, examiners of motor vehicles and transport systems and planning managers.

Highly technical jobs include directors of engineering services who should manage and enhance the operations of civil engineers. Under this bracket is the position of an engineering technician. This role calls for applicants with a diploma or degree in civil engineering, geographic information systems or equipments in order to perform the duties of a geographic information systems officer.

A look at past vacancies can offer an insight into the requirements for various posts and an understanding of the council’s job structure. The council always indicates which office or department a candidate will be in as well as the reporting supervisor or head of department.

I trust the above information has been useful to you in your search for Polokwane municipality vacancies.