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George Municipality Vacancies

George Municipality Vacancies > George Municipality is in Eden District, Western Cape Province in South Africa. This municipality makes the third largest economy of Eden. This district enjoys a good return out of agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. The council is made up of 25 wards and the operations of this local government are overseen by a mayor.

This region has a mixed racial composition of African blacks, whites and Asian among other groups. Due to this diversity, there are several key languages such as English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. There are several towns within it such as George, Haarlem, Herolds Bay, Victoria Bay, Wilderness and Uniondale.

This region has great climate because it is close to the Indian Ocean. It is within the Garden Route, which is favourable to tourists from all parts of the world. They flock this region because it has mild climate, second to Hawaii. Visitors from any end of the globe can stay here without worrying about climatic changes or the lack of great weather for their adventures. The garden route has dozens of activities, and that is why this municipality gains a lot from tourism.

Additionally, it has a good infrastructural link with Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. This brings in investors from all parts of the country and opens the region up for transport of goods to other areas. It also means that the presence of more investors creates an opportunity for job seekers to work with multinationals that are eager to expand in the south, and contribute to the region’s growth.

The good climate also makes it an agricultural hub. The locals invest in dairy, horticultural farming and sheep rearing. Moreover, there are good indigenous forests that enhance processing of trees for the country. The main services providers are in finance, insurance and real estate industries.

The council enhances growth and prosperity of the region through provision of various services and facilities to residents and companies. It has an efficient water management system that makes it one of the best green cities in the country. In addition, it provides electricity as well as road and transportation facilities.

The main agricultural activities in this municipality and the province at large are wine making, fishing, horticulture and animal husbandry. This province accounts for over 60% of the country’s agricultural exports.

Agriculture and manufacturing activities related to this field were in fact the first economic activities of the region.

The settlers and local communities were woodcutters. The region sprouted because of the demand for timber for the transport and furniture making industries.

Key investment opportunities in this region are in agriculture, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and promotion. For that reason, job seekers should target such industries because they are the ones opening up this region to compete with other large cities in the country and the world at large.

The country needs skilled workmen for the various manufacturing plants, whether as semi-skilled workers, management and supervisory professionals as well as research and development people. Additionally, agriculture needs foremen, drivers, casual labourers as well as management people.

Investor incentives are also hoping to revive the economy of some sections of the municipality, as well as attract more investors. The council has an intricate development project that groups incentives in various packages. This will open up inner parts of the towns by creating job opportunities and increasing the number of companies situated in those sections.

In addition, the municipality is offering discounted land rates in particular areas to boost investor presence. These objectives will enhance job creation so that people can work in order industries other than in local government services and departments.

George Municipality Vacancies