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Ekurhuleni Municipality Vacancies

Ekurhuleni Municipality Vacancies > Ekurhuleni is a Tsonga word that implies or means “a place of peace”. It’s symbolizes the different diversity of the new city and it has a vision of wanting to have an equitable and progressive community.

Ekurhuleni is a metropolitan municipality, and its the 4th largest metropolitan municipality in the country of South Africa. A long term vision for the municipality was developed in order to address the new municipality challenges and to provide for the creation of a better and improved living and working environment for the citizens.

Ekurhuleni’s vision is the smart, creative and developmental city.

Ekurhuleni’s mission was also developed as a way of focusing on achieving the city’s goals. Its mission is to provide sustainable and people centred development services that are affordable, appropriate and of high quality. Their focus was on social, environmental, and economic regeneration of city and communities as guided by the principles of Batho Pele and through the commitment of motivated and dedicated team.

Ekurhuleni’s core values include:

  • Performance excellence

  • Integrity

  • Community centredness

  • Transparency; and

  • Co-operative governance

You may or may not know this:- The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality runs under a system of the Mayoral Executive System which gives power for the exercise of executive authority through an Executive Mayor in whom the executive leadership of the municipality is vested and who is assisted by a Mayoral Committee.

The municipality also implemented a Ward Participatory System of local governance which ensures governance is taken right down to the grass roots level and that all citizens are represented in the decision making progress. The Executive Mayor heads up a team of 13 full time councillors comprising the Executive Mayor, a Mayoral committee of 10, speaker and a chief whip of council.

Ekurhuleni municipality succeeded in unifying nine towns and 11 former administrations in into one administrative entity as required.

The municipality set to work on establishing efficient and transparent functions identifying seven stategic functions identifying seven strategic priorities designed to stimulate urban renewal, to fight against poverty, create jobs, to ensure residents safety and security, to combat HIV and Aids, and to ensure good governance and community participation.

With the objective of stimulating job creation as per the goals of the growth and development strategy, Ekurhuleni Municipality has created job opportunities by having every job available even if one is a school leaver, professional or tradesperson.

The Municipality aims to be an employer of choice by attracting highly-skilled people who add value to the organization and the employment policies and practises are committed to a multi-cultural and diverse workforce that is non-racist, non-sexist and non-discriminatory.

Ekurhuleni municipality vacancies may be permanent, fixed term contract positions and temporary positions.